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Just really like this picture.

This picture just oozes serenity and calm, doesn't it? The chapel turned out so much more beautiful than we could have ever imagined, that sometimes shots like this just amaze us. All the collected mirrors, beautiful fresh French roses in an antique silver pot, and the cool Egyptian reproduction piece all come together to make a nice statement when folks walk in. Small joys.

The MGB has a few stops to make in the village and environs at some point today, and the weather looks just right for the top to come down. Went to jump into the hot tub this morning for a decadent soak with my book, and WOAH, um, the lightening storm tripped the GFCI breaker for the heater, and it was not too much of a 'hot' tub. Heater is back on down and at least I really didn't 'jump' in!

Currently brewing coffee that I didn't make earlier, and enjoying the beautiful gifts that Sheri has brought us from Europe. I got a very far out tie in just the right color for weddings, we got a great Notre Dame tree ornament, and Denise has a new tea table topper for her annual Caliber Oak Tea from Portugal. Thank you, Sheri for your continued generosity, support and friendship!

Blessed with a limousine run tomorrow and looking forward to doing some excellent shopping towards the end of this week. Many blessings upon everyone, and thanksgiving for the great visit that Tristan and I had yesterday!

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