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2 Year Anniversary Visit!

What a treat it was to have Tamara & Jeff back at the chapel yesterday on their second anniversary. They were headed to their anniversary dinner, and Jeff set up a visit to the chapel where it all happened two years ago! They both look great, and it was so good to re-connect. We even walked out to the celebration garden so that they could visit their rose and their sign. It's so rewarding to see such a tremendous married couple and know that the first moment of this union together happened at our place. We are truly honored to be that place! Congratulations, T&J!

A little cloudy out there this morning, but no complaints. The bridal courtyard is getting a badly needed 'haircut' this morning and we're looking forward to a special bridal planning visit today. Our favorite volunteer will be coming later as well with LUNCH! We love that part!

Everything is cleaned up from the excellent brunch on Sunday, and we're already looking forward to our next event. ....62 degrees out there today, so the Cap is rockin' the baggy sweatpants look again today! :) It's supposed to be in the 80's by the end of the week.

May God's blessings pour over you today, and remember that he does not want us to fear!

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