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A Big Step...And It Will Happen Here!

We're totally excited about Abby & Dustin's big decision to have their wonderful wedding here at the chapel! The layout will be laid-back...just like them, and all will be elegant and relaxed.... can't wait! Love the colors that have been chosen, and know everything will come together beautifully! Congratulations, you two!

Dustin and Abby.jpg

Such a lovely day at the chapel today....truly a springtime special, and more to come, after a brief word from our sponsor, rain, which is making an appearance (very welcomed one!) later this week. We never complain about it, since it makes the flowers grow and also makes wedding days more intimate and 'together-full'!! Roses in the front of the chapel are leafing out, and it won't be long before the plants in the greenhouse make their trek to the chapel to show off for the spring and summer! Blessings to all for a great day and a WONDERFUL blessings collection for tomorrow!

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