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It's Official! Nichole & DJ are now ONE!

...And a good time was had by all! Nichole and DJ's wedding was wonderful. Early reports had our weather really messing with the bride, but she put it in His hands, and it all worked out! (as always!) The day's high peaked at just enough warmth to have a beautiful outdoor ceremony, followed by a fun indoor reception. Vance, with Toast Entertainment, provided his usual TREMENDOUS mix of tunes, so there was never a shortage of great music. Nichole's cake was so very neat with such beautiful flowers and it truly reflected her special personality. We love a bride who doesn't stress out, and this one could possibly win an award for her low stress level!

Nichole & DJ.jpg

As you can see from her gown, it was unique and something special. Eggplant and other shades similar were the theme and the flowers were so fresh and vibrant on the tables! Denise and I even made sure we had our 'eggplant on'...or as close as we could come to it! Blessings and congratulations to a delightful couple, and we hope and pray for them to have many, many years of happiness together!

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