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"Yewwww Lite Up MAH Liiiiife, yewww give me hooope, to carry onnnnnn"...Debbie Gibson, anyone?

Ok, well, one of my theories about being a YTB (younger than boomer) person is that it's important to reference and research quotes that are before your time. This one is a youtube or spotify research assignment..."You Light up my Life" by Debbie Gibson (sometime in the 70's?)... Anyway, you'll thank me later when you can't get that irritating tune out of your head!

ANYWAY.........this has NOTHING to do with the outstanding tier display of Nothing but Bundt cakes for Dominique & Peyton's wedding. Well, I guess the lights kind of got me started with the whole song thing, but aren't they COOL? I hadn't seen a tier with built in lighting like this, and it was just right for the little confections. Every time we have any kind of 'bundt' cake, it's a "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" moment (again, YTB's....look it up, you'll be glad you did!) but these were delicious and somewhat nutritious at a wonderful wedding! The theme was pulled off with dash and class and everything looked great. Such a great memory and there were so many smiles on everyone, ESP the bride! Congratulations D&P and it was an honor to be your officiant for the big day. Perfect weather, perfectly fun and great families on both sides to keep the easy and breezy vibes rolling. The 1973 Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance was the perfect touch at the end of the evening photos as well as daytime shots.

Gearing up for the big weekend that starts tomorrow! Rain numbers look good, all is coming together, and it's another fun family event that we live for! Blessings to one and all for a great weekend of love, marriage, laughter and fun!


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