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When God lets you create a little magic for a very special couple and their families, you know it!

This wedding was magnifique! We adore the bride's parents, and quickly fell in love with Josh's parents, too. Solid foundation under these kids of tremendous values and upbringing. Did I mention Jess, the possibly most incredible Maid of Honor we've ever dealt with? A perfect cross between loveable overachiever and warlord??!?! :) She was more organized than WE were for this wedding, and that's saying something! Everyone had such a great time, and our tremendous staff made the event sing with gladness. Ok, it was a little hot outside, but that's July, and we deal. These two are headed to Europe next year and are doing a short honeymoon in the very near future. God bless you both, you have no idea how honored we are to have been the place where it all began.

Speaking of which, I discovered something about ME this weekend that actually thrilled and delighted me. I'm always drawn to films that depict the early years of television when when everything was live. "My Favorite Year" is my favorite, but there are several that show the immediacy and power of live television. In the last 15 minutes of these two kids being single, the usual "Final 15" happen with chaos, flowers, tissues, craziness and tequila. I stood in the chapel circle and stepped out of myself for a second. THIS. This, Cap, is why you love this job and this ministry. It's like live freaking TV in 1953.... We're going live in 15 minutes and we can't find the guest star, and camera #2 just went down. Queue music, preacher, groom, bride,.........."and we're live in 3, 2, ......." I live for it, and thank our Almighty God that he's created the perfect place for our talents and love.

Have a wonderful day. Pray for me, as I'm heading to the tax office for a new license plate. Yikes! :) Blessings on one and all, and esp for Josh and Libby!


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