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What a fun theme for a wedding! Luau, anyone!?!? Fun, festive borrowed idea from a recent book club event. Love the thought of a themed wedding. They're always so much fun!

Loved the luau motif from book club, and got to thinking.... What a fun theme for a wedding! Not everyone is into a theme for their big day, but if you are, this could be a lot of fun. Grass skirts all around! We love the fresh ideas that our brides and grooms bring to the table at the chapel!

Not too much going on @ the chapel right this moment. I STILL need to do the neat, new stencil pattern on the front doors, and we've got a special house guest staying with us at the chapel at the moment. The lawn has already had to be mowed, which is a certain sign of spring, so we'll have weddings coming up just around the corner. We borrowed the bridal courtyard arch for our Easter celebration, so that has to be dismantled and moved back down to the chapel, too. It'll all get done in time, and it's fun not being overwhelmed by tasks.

Looking forward to a special springtime, and the happiness that it brings with our couples. We had a little rain last night, so there are some rose bushes blooming, and Mrs. Boss' zinnias and plants are doing great!

Have a wonderful day, keep the sunny side up, and God bless us, every one!


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