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This photo reminds me of one of my favorite church songs! "Oh Happy Day"! Such a delightful pair!

Vanessa & Chad's wedding went off without a hitch last weekend, and we're proud to say that we are up to 177 weddings at our beloved chapel. These two are gentle, kind souls who are local and it meant the world that they trusted us with their biggest of days. We were crushin' on the amazing tea-length wedding frock, and how wonderful the guests were. We're excited that C&V are Saladoans, so hopefully, we'll get to see them again, soon. We are so thankful that they found each other and absolutely know it'll be absolute happiness for the two of them!

Speaking of absolute happiness.... Clemente is here today and the chapel courtyard is getting a trim! It's going to look great for Lisa & Bert's 25th Wedding Anniversary party, and they've put so much thought into the planning and the details. We have the best brides, grooms and families in the world out here, and we're thankful to God that he provides such nice folks for us to serve. We've both been blessed with servant's hearts and this chapel is the perfect ministry for us to be able to help others. I have folks ask me how we handle such large numbers on such an important day over and over again. The simple answer is that we really like our couples, and a desire to make things just right is always within us! Blessings upon blessings.

Excited to continue setting up Lisa & Bert's dining arrangement, and I know this party will be wonderful! We think the world of them and the fact that they had Libby's wedding here and turned right around and booked it for their own celebration is the ultimate form of flattery.

Well, I need to head into the interwebs today on a couple of chores, work the setup and generally just enjoy life minute by minute! Blessings and felicitations all around!


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