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These folks being so dressed up indicate only one thing.....WEDDING HOMECOMING!

Well, it looks like a pretty swanky party! These cake toppers came out on stage to celebrate yet another Wedding Homecoming event. Vance spun the tunes, the Pizza Place pizza was great, and there were plenty of adult sodas for everyone! We had about 34 brides and grooms in the house, and there was a lot of laughter and dancing, to be sure. John Bruce took a bunch of photos, and as time permits, we'll get them posted. We were reminded by several of our couples that our place is like no other, and Wedding Homecoming is yet another reason for that special-ness! We're very proud of all our couples, and so very thankful to get to see so many of them once a year at least... Mrs. Boss has come up with a picnic/come and go idea for next year's WH just to change things up a bit, so we'll see how it turns out! Many thanks to our great couples to participated!

Otherwise, the chapel is quiet this week, and things are tidied up quite well, due to Lisa's help the night of the event. We had a nice, small bible study group on Sunday night, and it was such a nice cozy supper in front of the 'fire', while the cold continued outside.

We've had a few inquiries for this year on weddings, but the activity level looks light so far. Some years are busier than others, and it's all good. Sometimes, we'll book several weddings in a short period of time, so you just never know.

Hope everyone is doing great, and enjoying the temperatures that have gone up a bit. We're happy with that. More photos to come! Blessings to one and all!

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