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The Stars at Night are Big and know where! Thats a lot of stars indoors!

One of the neatest parts of Wedding Homcoming is the friendships that are built. This part of our approach I know cannot possibly be replicated anywhere else....I see folks visiting in photos who would never, ever have met in their walks of life (or highly unlikely) except for this event. The attorney and nurse talking to the firefighter - and it's not about a fire! So many fun unions and connections and they're all so very flattering towards us and what we've attempted to do for them. What a genuine joy. I love the fact that Emma Grace is 'road runnering' through the bottom of this frame working her tail off, and she said, "sorry" as she zoomed by, but I'm glad we caught her in this shot. Clearly, I can't take a decent picture to save my life, but you get the jist!

Clemente has refinished the nightstands in the groom's room, and fixed two drawers in the dresser. Emma Grace helped Denise and I put everything back in the room last night, and we re all 3 quite proud of the new furniture layout. More lamps and lighting, more space, and less clutter. It helps that a bunch of stuff went to goodwill and into the trash, but it's nice to start the season out fresh and new.

We are excited about Saturday, as we have THREE visits scheduled. A new bride and groom and two existing couples, and it's always fun to meet new folks needing to get 'hitched' as well as putting finishing planning touches on other couple's big days. Shoot...everything we do around here is fun. We can't complain! Ok, well, I'm having a crazy wild sinus headache from our friends at Allergy Central and think I'm going to give it a rest. Have a great one, come and see us, and let's do movie night! The projector is fixed! Woohoooo! Don't forget bible study at 5p Sunday! New format!


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