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Pretty blurry, but the "Cupid Shuffle" is one of those wedding elements that will always escape me!

It's inevitable, virtually every single wedding we've ever had includes the "Cupid Shuffle" at some point during the festivities. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a cute, snappy little tune that clearly hasn't completely gone out of vogue, but I don't know how to do it. Never learned, wasn't interested. One of the fun things, however, is that from the beginning of our relationships with special brides and grooms, we've had our staff join in this song as a tradition. No matter what they're doing in the kitchen, picking up dirty dishes, or walking re-fills, they know that when this song comes on, Mrs. Boss is going to chase them down and do the dance. It's really a fun thing to watch and a fun tradition that we keep up to this day!

Excited to meet Taylor today for a chapel visit. She's looking for a hot spot for her wedding 'nups, and this could be the place! We're also thrilled to have Emma Grace come out and join us today at 3:30 to help re-assemble the groom's room so that everything pretty much gets back to normal!

Two 'mommy 'n me' bridal visits this weekend with two of our newest, most fun brides...and we always enjoy that. It's so beautiful being able to flex with the bride's needs for colors, materials, theme and concept. We are truly blessed with the best brides and grooms ever, since God, himself, picks them out for us. Of this we have no doubt! We've got 2-3 couples in the background interested in a tour, so it might be another busy weekend, and thankfully, bible study starts up again with a whole new concept! Fun. Have an excellent day, breathe in everything beautiful, and say a prayer of thanksgiving. Everything else will fall into place perfectly! We promise!


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