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Poe is just 'hanging' around the kitchen @ the chapel...His big charity tribute is coming October 1!

While weddings are what keep the lights on and the a/c running.......there's a strong element of charity benefit activities going on year round. This year is a banner for the charity events. We've got Slice of Heaven Educational Farm games night coming up on August 6. Then, on October 1, E.A. Poe makes his debut for an evening of fundraising, Poe readings, signature cocktails and yummy treats. Would Mr. Poe appreciate that??? I dunno, but I think he might enjoy as well. Mrs. Boss has raised nearly $1,000,000 for charity since this chapel was built, directly and immediately following (donations for charity). We both feel like the magical life we live should be using our strength. We love the charity events and hope to have many more (Not Nevermore, Mr. Poe)! Tickets in advance are going be required, since we'll have a customized setup here! So looking forward to it. Contact Miss Denise @ 254.718.0680 to RSVP for this one.of.a.kind event. We're so danged excited. Tickets will also be sold by the Friends of the Library, and at some points at the library front desk. It'll be here before we know it, and might not even be 1000 degrees outside that day! The Poe event kind of ushers in the fall, All Hollows theme, and we hope we'll end up with a great showing!

Otherwise, it's all about watering and pulling weeds at the chapel (thanks, Chloe!). We're having a great visit on Thursday evening, since Victoria of Clan Ruiz is taking a look at the place for her wedding day! Always a fun time!

Ok, well, nothing new to report. Brush up on your Poe-isms, and be a little 'extra' on October 1! Blessings to one and all!


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