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Long after an excellent wedding the fun continues with our brides, grooms and families, and smiles!

Ok, clearly neither Jolene nor I know how to have a good time, so it's no surprise that the photo contains a bit of hilarity! We love our boat time, and out of all of our Caliber Oak brides, I would have to say Jolene is the most 'aquatic'! We didn't do an 'under the sea' theme for her wedding, but it would have worked - come to find out! We've got other brides who enjoy the boat life, but only one who texts four capital letters when she's ready... "BOAT"! Lots of fun and happy memories afloat.

Here on DRY land, we're just working to keep things alive and not turning to dust! Major heat wave this weekend (106/107!) so we're watering and staying in the shade. Had a great visit with Deanna yesterday and she finally got to see the chapel, and Becca's gig isn't exactly off the table yet, either. I'm amazed at how this year's schedule is so much more summer/fall than our usual wedding distribution, and the fall dates are evaporating daily! Woohooo! We HAVE had to go up 10% on our rates for the first time since 2012, but that's a pretty good record, and it keeps the lights on!

Well, time to get productive on a few other tasks. Blessings to all of our brides and grooms, old and new, and we're so looking forward to the excitement of our summer weddings! Hope to holler again, soon!


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