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Here's some hat-wearin' tea sippers! Some of them came all the way from Houston for the event!

Well, Two of them here are local, but Lori lives way down in Houstonland and still made the effort to be here. We missed her boyfriend, the delightful '713', but still had a great time and a truly fun visit. Noelle's dress was an absolute knockout. I know we've said it before, but it's true! Brittany's hat totally steals the show, however! Noelle and Brittany are both brides from our beloved chapel, and it's always so fun to have them come back for events. Wedding Homecoming, girls! Jan 22! Don't miss out!

We hope everyone doing great this fine day, and thankfully, the chapel is too! Clemente is working on the groom's room and Mrs. C has the place sparkling. Looking forward to bible study this weekend (although kinda scary, since I'm the temporary leader!) and more events in the very near future. I still need to get a Christmas tree photo out here, since it turned out so well, but ///// patience, people! :)

Worked a few silk Christmas flowers into the front flower boxes, so it's beginning to look a bit like the season. After turkey day, we hit the ground running with all the Christmas parties coming up, so it was great that we did get this decor all in place now.

Well, lots to do today, so we'll close. Blessings to all our brides, grooms and families! You're all the best, and we adore you! Looking forward to some thanksgiving fun with one of our couples this weekend. Don't our chapel, you don't just marry each other, you get US too! :) lol! Later!


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