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Here's our little Belton Guard cookiecutter who's a "Caliber Oak" kid! She keeps things humming!

Chloe does a great deal to keep things humming here at the Chapel. When she's not in school, doing Guard stuff, etc., she's always willing to help out. Washing wedding photo op cars, folding linens, STEAMING table cloths (all of us love that one - not!) and doing just about anything else that's needed. Sometimes, she even works events, which is wonderful as well. We're so proud of she and her parents (Chapel bride and groom) and appreciate her efforts greatly.

All is excellent in chapel land, and we even got some rain while we were on vacation. Things look pretty good, but I'm thinking we'll need some lawn maintenance this week, for sure. We're starting to gear up for our "Mingle for a Cause" event on September 22nd, and hope our chapel fans will attend. I'm pretty sure that you can learn more at the Garden of Hope FB page that's probably connected to the chapel page. Let us know if you have questions, and we'll check that team to get you answers!

Fall weddings are just around the corner, and that always makes us excited. Cooler temps this week with the possibility of even MORE rain this evening into tomorrow gets us pretty pumped up too! Green is always good, and it greatly reduces our fire risk!

Have a wonderful week, enjoy the rain if you get some, and don't forget how much God loves you! Later, chapel taters!


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