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Had to take a photo of this from Jordon and Tommie's big day. We thought this basic, little sign was just the right accent next to the entry table guest signature feature. They can hang it up later!

Jordon kind of indicated that figuring out the dates was a little bit of research, but we just love this neat and informative addition to their big day. Everything else was just right, too. Laid back and elegant. They both looked excellent, but Jordon's transformation from 'regular girl' to uber-bougie, elegant bride! She looked AMAZING! The entire affair was outstanding, and it's the warmest part of our weekend when the bride and groom take the time on Sunday to tell us thank you and how much we did to make their day special. Scooter was great with the tunes, The cake was butter cream icingy excellent, and who doesn't love Cane's chicken! Jordy even left me all the shopping bags that Cane's sent over. Many of you love my completely unnatural affinity for shopping bags in my life. I can't get enough of them. Their handy, easy to use and function as a wonderful set of matching luggage on a road trip! Gotta love the shopping bags!

Again, loved everything about this weekend at the chapel, and we worked around to cover scratches and dents in the chapel before the big day. Calvin and Ciaran are planning to be here at some point this week to pull weeds in the flower beds. Bert and I were commenting how excellent the lantana looks by the French doors @ the side of the chapel. Vibrant!

Hoping to see some of our brides and grooms over the summer, since it's always a treat. Blessings to one and all as we start planning for Laura's party and Annabelle's big day! Later, Chapel-gaters!


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