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Fresh flowers, excellent birchbark frosting vibe and deliciousness inside! Love to eat some CAKE!

This fall was a wedding bonanza-blur and it was hard to keep everything straight from September 1 to December 1, but we pulled it off! Based on that disclosure, I'm assuming that this is Megan and Will's cake, based on the initials on the side, although I know I had some goodies at their wedding that were amazing, I can't keep track!'s a great reminder of a really special day that was really beautiful and just right for our blessed chapel. As God brings just just.the.right. couples to get married here, we are reminded week after week that this truly is a ministry and He had way larger plans for this building, property, experience and US, than we ever imagined. It's been a great ride, and at the official count of 174 weddings as of this post, it's something we're clearly good at and just a little experienced with. It was fun visiting with Vanessa on Friday, since she was like......"whatever you think works best, Cap". MAN, do I love it when that happens, since the day is usually flawless (no ego here, people) as a result of everyone's efforts on this end to make it the best it can possibly be.

Nice having a little Christmas breather with a dinner party this week and the book club coming up. Slowing down to enjoy the holidays is always a treat, and sometimes not really an option, depending on the schedule. We're blessed. Come see us!

Just a reminder to all our already marrieds out there........... Wedding Homecoming '23 is Saturday, January 21st, so don't miss it. Be sure to let Miss Denise know you can make it, and we'll have food fun and music to celebrate all of our wonderful couples! Woohooo!



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