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Easter Hits the Chapel! Here's the wreath that Cindy and Denise made for the annual celebration!

Well, THIS is a colorful entry number to the chapel fence, and has a certain Hawaiian feel to it to me! Hauʻoli Lā Pakoa, to all y'all, which is Hawaiian for Happy Easter!

Lot's of Easter excitement in the air in the Chapel neighborhood, and we're getting geared up for the biggest day that the Christian faith knows! This year's theme for Easter was "Tulips" which is very well represented by the wreath the girls created. The theme isn't quite as evident elsewhere, and the porch looks a little dollar-tree-ish, but no matter, it's all about the feels of the holiday. The tulip theme beats the heck out of my 2020 theme, "A Very Wuhan Easter", complete with spray painted floral fans, etc. I may have ushered in a disease with that motif, I'm still not sure. We've got several ideas on the back burners for future themes, so we just need to keep rolling each year, since the celebration continues!

Otherwise, the chapel will be pretty quiet this weekend, unless we get a freak snowstorm or thunderboomers, but the weather is supposed to be Easter perfect this weekend! It's a little cloudy out there now, but will clear up for sure!

We had a WONDERFUL visit with Cheyenne and Kris yesterday, who came back for their 10th anniversary pilgrimage to the Chapel! They were the very first couple ever married in the outdoor bridal courtyard, so our visit while we sat out there yesterday was especially sweet! Congrats to them both on this milestone anniversary!

Ok, well, I need to get busy on Easter. Happy Resurrection Day, y'all! ...and talk to you soon!


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