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And that's how the chapel rolls this time of year! Thanks to Cindy Cashion for the excellent card!

It IS beginning to look a lot like all the flavors, smells and bells for this Christmas season at the chapel. Last night's supper with Ronny and Ann was wonderful and sealed the deal on a delightful Christmas celebration.

We're gearing up for the real celebration in just 2 days, but in the meantime, everything is under control. Emma's assistance this holiday month has been very valued, as she's kept things clean, set things up, taken them down, etc.

We still need to figure out the spring planting design for the front of the chapel on the right side. We're thinking pineapple guava, but aren't sure. The Good Lord will work it all out for us, however.

The beautiful table linens from April Cornell were utilized last night and such an appreciated gift from Sheri. Apron, napkins and table topper all matched in the same retro Christmas pattern. It was great!

Excited to meet with a special couple tonight to go over their vows for their biggest of days, and also to have two chapel regulars (bible study) out here this afternoon for some target shooting fun. Never a dull moment at the chapel of love (and personal defense!) :)

Have a wonderful time between now and Christmas, preparing for the gift of remembering His birth. Safe travels, happy times and loving thoughts to everyone! Peace, y'all!


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