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A wonderful memory, a unique tribute and a very special groom. It's just amazing about connections!

This photograph was taken either the day of or very close to the day one of our grooms was killed in a wreck. It was his time, we've worked together with his wonderful bride, and then this photograph came up, and I was brought to tears. Daniel was still with us on a boat outing!

I'm not a koozie fan, but this worked PERFECTLY on Taylor and Daniel's day. This was the wedding I've mentioned before with a 'pulp western' theme, and it was perfection. There's a beautiful photo from this wedding day in memory of Daniel on our wall in the chapel. He's still with us, and when I saw the koozie pic, I had forgotten we had taken it. We were going to share it with Daniel and Taylor. I believe he's seeing this photo, and the legacy he's created. God bless, Cowboy!

So, the weather is about to make a very serious turn for the coolio.... It doesn't mean that the boat will get perma.a.stored for the winter, but the days of utilization are dwindling. We're still going to hope for another few trips out!

Getting excited about Mrs. Boss' tea, and have made strides. Looking forward to all the December fun coming this way, and special guests that I've mentioned before!

I'm loving the Edison bulbs that Will snagged for me for the chapel. I'm using them kind of here and there, but they certainly make for a very nice lighting accent for the chapel. Front steps need to be touched up construction-wise, and some paint. Clemente has been out of pocket, as we pray for Eva's medical issues, but it'll all get done when it gets done! It's all good, and always will be.

The lantana look amazing at the chapel, and this time of year looks SO much better than mid-August! Yikes! We're so thankful!

Anyway, time to get another task done. Come see us. Looking forward to meeting new brides and grooms very soon! God bless us, every one!


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