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A lovely non-wedding holiday celebration at the chapel! So many great memories have been made here!

Another excellent celebration in the books for the chapel! 17 fun-loving folks for turkey day! Love a wedding most of all, but love gathering friends and family for an important holiday tradition! Everything was yummy and all went away full of food! Fun!

Can you believe that zinnias are flowering at the chapel? This is the first time we've ever had them blossom this late in the season. We may have a 32 degree night tonight, so that colorful fun might be over....we'll have to see.

Gearing up for E&S's big day, and also the KofC Christmas party and The Motley Book club Christmas meeting! So much activity for December, and we're thrilled! We're getting lots and lots of calls for tours and weddings for 2024, so the ball is rolling towards a big spring and summer season next year! Praise God! We love having weddings here for very special folks that get us!

Still have lot of leftovers in the chapel fridge from Thanksgiving, but we're chipping away at them every day! Loving all the sweet potatoes left! They're my favorites, and there were plenty in the remains! Outstanding. How can you go wrong with root veggies, butter and brown sugar?!?!

Have a wonderful week, and blessings to everyone gearing up for the big Holiday month! Come see us, but don't bring any leftovers! God bless you all! :)


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