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A bit blurry, but incredible all the same. We are always amazed at how our brides decorate!

We love it when our brides take our chapel to the 'next level' in decor for their largest of days. We saw the place as a prickly pear patch, and love what we created with God's direction... Then, our best. of. the. best. brides step into the created space and make it their own. Simplicity, elegance and intimacy. What great hallmarks in the wedding business, and we're so proud of all 3! Svetlana did an incredible job with her things, and our old candelabra. It was amazing for us to have her parents' photograph on the wall, since it's probably the only Siberian/Russian mom and dad photo that's ever been on that mantle... Just an awesome day with an incredible and perfect.for.each.other bride and groom. So thankful!

Not much shaking at the chapel right now, but that's going to change big time between now and mid December with special visitors, Emma Grace's largest day ever, the annual tea, KofC Christmas party, etc. We would have it no other way. We're excited to be advertising again in Central Texas Engagements....their online presence in the last couple of years has really helped and we're ready for more weddings. Michelle and Brad are truly quality folk, and we think of them everytime we cruise the lake in the party barge that we bought from them!

First time, ever, in my memory, that I think we're going to get zinna blossoms in a 'volunteer' planting for the year @ the chapel. Weather is supposed to be down to 37 mid week next week, so we'll see if it actually happens. We don't mind cooler weather for the comfort of our brides, grooms and guests, but 107 isn't any fun, and neither is 17 degrees! We handle it all, though, and He has blessed us so richly!

I think I've figured out my boots for the Jane Austen event for the library in the spring. After looking at Colin Firth's costume for Mr. Darcy, I saw several still shots from the period film that indicated that the pants were often worn outside the boot top when not riding. Hat tip to my wonderful Ariat boots, that will take me through the day in comfort and 'almost' period style!

Blessings to one and all today! It's raining very steadily here, which we absolutely love. God bless each of you!


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