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Getting married here is usually just the BEGINNING of the story...

One of our absolute favorite parts of weddings here at the chapel is that they're really the opening act for many, many more happy memories to come. We have brides and grooms that visit weekly, annually, every so often, and the blessing of it all is that they VISIT! What other place would you get married and come back to all the time. Right? Praise Him! ====Anyway, the photograph on today's blog is of the magical bride from a few years ago, Jolene, being assisted by Otto! (Auto to some!) . The purpose of ringing the triangle bell from Cindy and Dick inside the chapel is that every time cash it the jar for scouting at the fundraiser last night, the winner got to RING THE BELL! We laughed so hard and were so loud, that I'm surprised BCSO didn't show up on a noice complaint! Yikes! Anyway, the best part is that a small band of dedicated game players raise $321 for scouting! Woohhoooooo! We're so thankful to everyone who helped to make that happen. Allegedly, the next fundraiser for these little scouting cherubs is some type of projected movie sing.a.long .......should be another great party, so check the FB Chapel page for the date when it gets set up. Viva Scouts!=========================================================Well, very minor stuff at the chapel today. If you call a tremendous massage by Beth Vanderpool MINOR! I certainly don't. Looking forward to it, and now that the hot tub looks like it's up and running, I may even get to do a little soaking before the massaging. Praise Him! ===================Getting ready for book club tomorrow night and saying prayers that there are mussels at HEB Belton, otherwise, we're going with plan B! And I don't even know what plan B is at this point!

============================================================He wants us to succeed. There's no doubt in my heart for that. The minute we try, listen, attempt and ask....the music begins. Listen to His song today, and see what the lyrics tell you he'd like you to do! His will is divine! Have a wonderful week!!

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