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Weddings and anniversaries always call for a little groom-bling!

Even the grooms who are the most casual and relaxed on their biggest of days sport something bling-gy. It might be a pocket watch chain, buttons on a vest, or even a little silver on a belt buckle or hat band, but it's a special day, and a little shine doesn't hurt. The items in this photo were carefully selected by Mrs. Boss for my 33rd wedding anniversary gift, and came from England. The thoughtful lass figured out that amethyst is the stone/gift for 33 years, and she did it right with very simple pale lavender cufflinks and a deeper amethyst Celtic tie bar. I've had the chance to wear them twice already! Anyway....french cuffs on a shirt, and a little cuffy bling on a well dressed groom or even an every-day guy is a nice touch. The nice thing is that fun, vintage and unique bling doesn't have to mean cha-chinggg! So often, really neat pieces can be found at flea markets, garage sales, and resale shops for just a few, well-spent dollars! Show us your bling, gents! =============================================================

Another excellent day in the Caliber Oak environs. The temperature outside is almost surreal, at 68 degrees on July 25th! was almost chilly outside this morning. We're getting lots of chores done today, a planned trip to Belton for some groceries, haircut and maybe a new bench. Started our day off right with our signature oatmeal, but this time had dozens of blackberries in the bowl, so that they don't go bad. Some oatmeal raisin cookies could be in the oven this afternoon! Hoping to get the car washed today for the weekend as well. It'll actually be very pleasant for watering today with such excellent temps.=====================================================

He's got a plan for each of us and collectively for all of us. Comforting to know it, and usually quite fun to see how it plays out. We pray for His guidance, deliverance and grace, and He truly loves hearing it. Have an excellent, faith-filled, worry-free rest of the week, and don't forget to take your prayers with you on all your fun weekend activities! Ciao!

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