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Could Australian Lamingtons be the next big wedding cake trend? Stay tuned!

Well, another eventful weekend down at the chapel with memories galore! One of the highlights of the weekend was our Saturday 'picnic' with Dick and Cindy Cashion, in which "Australia" was the theme. Dick served up amazing shrimps on the barbie, Cindy rocked the kiwi and strawberries, and yours truly did something new for us. Lamingtons. Simply sponge or pound cake in cubes, dipped in a yummy chocolate glaze and rolled in coconut. Delightful, light, and genuinely fun! They're already on the menu for this year's Annual Ladies Tea for the fall, and we're thinking they could be a pretty cool alternative to wedding cake. Even Sarah and Otto got in on the leftovers, and declared them good. Such fun!

Well, the weekend was jam packed with fun and frivolity.......just the way we like it. Cocktails and gambling on the back porch friday night with an evil rum drink Nicole caused to happen and then the aforementioned picnic. Also got a very cool retro, fire-engine red refrigerator for the cottage that was an excellent bargain and totally is cool. Yesterday's housewarming @ 1600 was truly tremendous with a star-studded array of partygoers who really make the fun happen. Many thanks to J&J for their hospitality and care for their guests. Fun meeting so many new folks. This morning's activities started with my beloved "Book Processing" at the SPL with the delightful partner laminating crime, Pat! So look forward to helping at the library, and already excited about our next workday together. Also heard through the grapevine, that we may be treated to a summer reading info session for book clubs in the area, hosted by the SPL. Stay tuned for more info on that fun event! Maybe even at Barrow Brewing?!?!?

73 degrees today at 12:15 p.m., with a light rain and clouded skies. Couldn't be better! The boss and I are about to sit down to a baked potatoe lunch, and tonight is Temple Children's Museum board meeting night! Never a dull moment around here!

Everything. Absolutely everything we experience, love, taste, smell and feel is a gift from Above. Say thanks for that stuff today, won't you? Blessings to all for a truly excellent week!

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