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One of the prettiest bridal courtyard photos we've ever seen!

This photo from Christina and Jacobs great wedding adventure is just breathtaking. It's such a great reminder of how having the right people come together .... from the bride/groom/moms/dads/photo/floral/venue....can truly make ALL the difference in the most important day in a couple's life. Breanne Johnson took this amazing shot, and our talented floral designer made the petals happen. Not only does this ethereal shot look dreamy, but it also reeks of anticipation before the big moment! Love the color scheme (we think it might have been the first at the chapel) of blue and yellow, but most already know that, since it's the theme of the chapel kitchen! Super well done, and so very, very beautiful!

A sunny and hot day at La Chapel Grande. Planning a bit of an outing.... (sent the boss to Austin in the may be new tire time in ToyotaLand). Still nibbling on the red beans and rice I made on Sunday, and loving every bite. ....finished "Where the Crawdads Sing" yesterday, and cannot recommend the book enough. So looking forward to our low country menu for the Motley Book Club next month! === Working on getting some chapel linens washed up, and ordering new table cloths for Carly & Ahern's big day! === Still have some bedding plants to get into the ground, and need to get on that....but today may be a bit 'wahm' for that. === Probability of a delightful supper with a delightful couple this evening is very, very high!

God is a Healer in the way that Ena the mix is a heeler. He shapes our behaviors gently, and only through our will while we are guided along His will. It never fails, sometimes takes a while, and always rewards. Ask Him today what you should be doing differently. He'll gently tell you, I guar-an-tee it. "What will it take to put you into some Divine Salvation today?" :) Have a great Wednesday and an even better rest of the week!

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