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What in the world is going on HERE?

Well, if this is part of a wedding, it'd be one of the strangest yet, but fear's singing bowls after yoga! McKenzie brought her singing bowls to the chapel, and they were amazing! Ignore the baster brush in this photo....the mallets got left behind. No matter, since the sounds and feels were truly awesome in our acoustically delightful space. Just another reason do do yoga here every other week (check the events section) to see just who might show up! Stretching, sounds, and socializing! Woohoo!

Well, the train is on the track and has left the station for Ana and Rory's tremendous wedding this weekend! Buffet tables are up, linens are pressed, and napkins are being formed into being. We're so excited for their big day, and cannot wait for the fun to begin. We are so tremendously blessed with just the right couples for our special venue...and know He'll bring just the right people to our door! ....had a great evening of supper, shooting and LCR with the Bruce Team of Belton, Texas. Yummy stuff, some great finish-product targets and gracious winners at the LCR table. We're already looking forward to the August 4th LCR fundraiser to benefit Jolene's scout troop! ....grass is growing outside, so that'll have to be mowed by wedding day this matter. We love the fresh and warm weather that brings on the growth!

He's tolerant, as long as we're making an effort. Lent is such a great time of personal growth and observation. Blessings to all for a great week and blessed moment-by-moment life!

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