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Can't get quite enough of this class!

A photo similar to this appeared on our Instagram page, but we just had to share it again here. What a tremendous couple! Retired General Rick Gibbs and the freshly-minted Sharon Gibbs were an absolute joy and dream to work with. It really makes the effort worthwhile when you get to be the place where their magic truly begins as husband and wife (is that emotion I'm hearing in the officiant's voice?) Anyway, it was a tremendous wedding that was executed to perfection with the incomparable help of Don, John, and Brandie. These guests were wonderful and were treated with genuine 5-star always. Congratulations to The General and Mrs. Gibbs, and we're so looking forward to seeing you soon!

Things have quieted a bit at the chapel today....but dirty glassware and dishes are staring at me when I go down there. It'll happen. It'll happen. :) Saturday's wonderful wedding was followed by a great evening of fun, frivolity and generosity, as a couple of handfuls of dedicated folks laughed until we cried to benefit Wags, Hope and Healing with a games night. We were able to net $535 for the charity, and can't thank our right-hand consigliere, Dr. Steglachi, for making the books balance, getting the materials we needed, and contributing to the overall fun yet again. Sunday brought us into a great visit from Will on Monday. We didn't fire a shot downrange, but plan to remedy that situation later in the week. Pew, pew, indeed! ....even got to meet the Temple Children's Museum Board of Directors last night with aforementioned consigliere, so we certainly having been slacking in the activity nor martini department! :)

Again, today is quiet, but we're good with that. Hot tea, some puttering, laundry, errands, and hopefully, get to learn to play with dominoes tonight at Barrow Brewing.

Recently, I told a friend that some things in life really ARE a 100% certainty. The one that came to mind is that He's here. He's listening. And He has a plan. It's tuning into that beam and getting out of the way that makes all the difference. I work on that every day with mixed success, but wouldn't want to turn my dial to another frequency for the world! Blessings to all for a tremendous week!

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