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The boss' breakfast was a great reminder this morning of the excellent brunch weddings planned f

We are huge fans of the brunch wedding. Classy, elegant, piano music in the background...tinkling of champagne glasses filled with mimosas or madras... Just a lovely country-clubbish vintage setting and party. We're very excited that in 2019, we have several brunch themed weddings coming up! Easier than some dinner-time events for the bride and groom, and it leaves a lot of the day for other activities with family and friends, with a chance to enjoy some beautiful weather! Keep it in mind!

A very relaxing day at Caliber Oak today. Cooking, puttering about, putting logs on the fire. Just one of those genuinely divine days we're blessed with here on the 45.25! Currently in active production of my Sunday roasted chicken in the French style. (So many know that I love the phrase, "I'll put on a chicken", that I actually try to do it every Sunday!) Also, some nice, fresh tomatoe bisque is currently in the formative stages in the big red pot. Nice smells coming from that general direction. Apparently, these people like garlic!

Had a chance to do some great rolling about in a motorcar yesterday. Even took Ena out for a runabout. Got to see Gary and Jody during cheesecake delivery time, hit the groceria, got a lotto ticket that didn't win, visited Barrow Brewing TWICE, and made our way to Temple to visit a couple of stores there. Very nice day all around. Enjoyed our evening after a visit with the coyote hunting team, and finished up season 3 of "A Place to Call Home". Outstanding series, writing and acting. The boss is off to two performances in Salado and one in Waco. John's headed out here to shoot some practice rounds before qualification, and I'm actually taking a walk this afternoon, since the scale in the bathroom told me this morning it would be a good idea! Only 50 degrees out there today, so we're keeping the outdoor activities to a minimum, although, test-starting the 1951 Chevrolet really should be on the list! We'll see!

He's available to us, and hears our prayers. Especially those prayers that we direct toward others in need. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for being in our hearts and lives 24/7! Blessings to all for a tremendous Sunday!

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