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See what happens when you turn us loose with $50 at flea market?!?!? Never-ending photos of antique

Sorry, but it's just about impossible for us not to share the pictures of these excellent finds. We must keep telling ourselves, "it's for our brides", but we secretly enjoy using and having such fine items as well! This set of 5 antique, very fine china dessert plates are originally from Germany and probably were produced around 1918-1925. Amazingly fine composition, and the floral detail is nice, as well. The beaded gold rim is also in excellent shape, so we don't believe that they've been used very often at all. We'll fix THAT problem around here! Rock on, vintage brides, we've got you covered!

A wonderful, misty day at the chapel today. Finally got most of the balloon arch down from the tea, and need to do some tidying up, but no rush - it's the holiday season! We're hoping to plant some poppy seeds very soon (it was a little bit air-ish out there yesterday) and may get to that in the next 48 hours. Not much else going on but planning to do a little Christmas shopping and checking Smitty's theory of 1951 Chevrolet electricity tomorrow morning! Hopefully, we've got this short in the system figured out. Our outstanding mentor program princess, Sara, graduates from UMHB this weekend, and it sounds like there may be some shooting here on Saturday (unrelated to Sara's graduation!). Holding off on the baking as best we can, but might still pull off a confection or two before the big holiday! We'll see what happens.

He's in the detail and also in the overall plan. Such a great Guy to talk with and share your concerns, efforts and directions. Blessings to everyone today, and our hope is that you'll find some answers to questions, as well!

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