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Ornaments can be such great reminders of excellent weddings! Even if it's not exactly Christmas

This amazing ornament has been on our tree for 30+ years! We received it at the Orlando, Florida wedding of Jackie and Brent Beringer...oh so many years ago. It reminds us of that weekend every year, and is a treasured part of our Christmas past. Many of the ornaments on our tree have special significance from a wedding-time, and it's just a neat way to give the guests something special that they will have to remember you and the wedding day. Ok, I know it seems strange to give out an ornament at a June wedding, but hey, if the item is 'hangable' the Christmassy amongst us will always have it end up on the tree as a memory...just a thought!

A calmy and balmy day at the Chapel today! Beautiful 75 degree weather and a wonderfully running 1951 Chevrolet for a ride this morning after being carefully cared for by Smitty of Jones Automotive in Belton. Miss EmmyLou has a new ignition switch, some cool new exhaust manifold bolts and her heavy old compressor has been taken off for a lighter load. We're thankful to have her back home, even IF we threw a wheelcover on FM 1123 on the way home! Spread out the attachment flanges on that sucker, and hopefully, we won't lose it AGAIN! (It's the second time, sheesh!) At least I'm getting good at taking off and putting back on the fender skirts, which used to scare me, since I thought I'd end up breaking a priceless antique fixture right off her fender!

In other news, the new Whirlybird 9000 12-volt skeet thrower is up and running, even thought it looked like an IKEA chest of drawers to put together. It really wasn't all that bad. Looking forward to the skeet action tomorrow, and hopefully, the weather will continue beautifully!

Had a great wedding booking this week with S&R, and cannot wait for their big day. It's going to be excellent, and they're a delight. So thankful that they chose the Chapel at Caliber Oak for their biggest of days!

The wedding homecoming celebration invitations are in and are AMAZING! Cannot wait to get those suckers out in the mail, as the design is just right for our first-ever Saturday night fun night Wedding Homecoming Reception! Such a blessing to us!

Looking forward to winning a little LCR tomorrow night after skeet! Hopefully, we'll have some players.

He's healing, He's helping, and He's creating fresh perspectives in all of us all the time. What a Friend we have in Jesus. For sure! Blessings to all for a tremendous day and rest of the weekend!

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