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Great photo of the night before the big day!

Ok, so we all know that Cap's memory isn't what it used to be, but is the kiddo in the background behind Shane part of the wedding party? I can't remember...! He's certainly involved in THIS shot, however.... Probably one of the last photos taken of these two as single folks, just hours before the big day! Many thanks to the Bledsoe's for including us in their rehearsal dinner, and it was yummy! So fun staying in touch on FB and keeping up with their encampment as time progresses! Congratulations, you two! Hope to see you at Wedding Homecoming on January 19th!

All is wonderful, good, fluffy, and angel-foody here at the Chapel. Freakin' FREEZING, however, literally, as the low dipped last night to 26 degrees. Yuck.0.rama, however, Clemente and I just looked at the temps for the rest of the week, and by friday it's 69 and Saturday is 70. Yo, yo, yo, and a cup of hot co-cocoa! ...Getting ready for the boss' big shindig this weekend, and having a great, intimate fireside supper tonight at the main house (if I get to the store for the pork roast at some point!).

Hot, frothy coffee this morning to get things going, and we're excited about the Book of Beautiful Weddings launch party tomorrow night in Waco! Woohooo! Fun times.

He's there, and always ready to answer and make things better if we LET Him! I was reminded of that this morning, and am working on it every minute of this day! Thank you, Lord God, for all you've done and continue to do for us. Ok, peeps, let's get out there and WIN as the victors we are!

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