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Super Classy Bride Alert! This is the way to depart your reception, y'all!

Not only was Kimberly's second dress of the evening absolutely beautiful, she was 'fur-real' ready for any weather with this beautiful, vintage mink from her family collection. There's just something about a vintage, fur, retro departure that has us all worked up! Well done, Kimberly... and we're still on a high from your outstanding wedding day and beautiful reviews!

Well, I just got off the massage table after Branch did his magic this evening, and the boss is undergoing the skillful relaxation of Mr. Skeeter as we speak! ...Another blessing, all around. Today was a fun day, since it was SUNSHINE LADEN, and we got to take the '51 Chevrolet to town TWICE! We're hoping for a little mini-road trip with her tomorrow, but all will depend on schedules and activities. Denise made huge headway in the potting shed today, and I got to paint the Chevrolet dashboard panel and vacuum out the trunk (exciting life, right???) ...Some deer hunting is apparently happening here in the morning, and we're ready. Oh, the Chevrolet even has a new trunk afghan AND bath mats for floor mats up front. Classy is as classy does, y'all! ...a little grill action for supper tonight and hopefully some of the final episodes we haven't seen of Mr. Selfridge from ITV Studios. ...Stock market was particularly stinky this week, but we never forget Who really is in charge, so all is always working out for the best.

One day at a time is the only way to fly. He's got this, and gives it to you. happiness and attitude are both there for the positive picking, if we'll just reach. There's always someone who's situation seems 1,000,000 times worse than our own, so why don't we be thankful and pray for them in the meantime!? Blessings to all for a tremendous weekend of discovery, togetherness, and love!

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