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Newest addition from excellent road trip!

The chapel always has to have a token gift coming home from a trip, and this road trip last week was no exception. During our tour of the Hotel Love in Purcell, OK, Denise stumbled on this lovely violet desert plate for the collection at the chapel. With a wedding coming up in 2019 that will require 340 plates, we're collecting while we can! It's always so fun adding to the treasures at the chapel and having a great excuse to buy more! What a wonderful added bonus to life!

Our vacation was amazing, and we're ready for this week's big wedding preparation. Also excited to have a great visit planned today to discuss wedding plans, and getting back in the swing of things. It will be wonderful getting back into wedding setup after a typically slow August! Soon, the sound of laughter, music and fun will ring in the building!

He protected us so beautifully on this trip, as He does every day. Be not afraid is truly the motto for life, and we go where He leads us! Blessings to all for a tremendous week of adventure and fun!

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