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Yep, I think Emmy Lou is officially 'bride ready' as of today!

Some girls just need a little touching up before they leave the wedding. Miss Emmy Lou is no exception. While she's far from perfect, she IS perfect for making wedding memories that will last a lifetime. Recently entering the stable via Julie and Shane Hobbs, she has already earned a few merit badges. Tonight, she earns her 'I went to church' badge, and we couldn't be more proud! The new tires and wheelcovers look amazing, and more chrome is on the way. She'll just get more and more finished and polished before just the right bride's big day! Stay tuned for more Emmy Lou adventures! Makes you kinda want to hurry home and catch that new show, "I Love Lucy"!

Well, besides enjoying every minute with the 1951 Chevrolet, we've been busy this week... Cleaning up from the charity event, chores around the chapel, and losing lots of money on the stock exchange. Easy come, easy go?

All we have to do is ask. Frequently, I forget it's that easy, but He's with us every minute and would love to help. The result may not be what you expect, but at least you know you've got the right Coach! Many blessings to Our Lady on her big day, as well! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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