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"...and I'm gonna be a diiiaaammond some dayyyyy"

As our beloved John Anderson sang in one of my favorite songs, our new, little Emmy Lou may be a bit of a lump of coal right now, but she'll certainly be a diamond someday. Well, maybe not a diamond, since she's going to always be a fun runabout rather than a show car, but we already figure she'll get to the point where she's dressed up enough for just the right bride and groom departure. In the meantime, she needs about 800 hours of work and thousands of euros to get her rush! She runs beautifully, and is an unlikely choice for us. Love the 1951 Chevrolet lines, and the longer we have her, the more we fall in love. Rubbing compound, new coker wide whitewalls, and lots of love are in Miss Emmy Lou's future! Many thanks to Shane and Julie Hobbs for being such excellent horse traders!

Except for polishing Emmy Lou, not much is happening at the chapel so far today. We are so excited that we had such great visits from brides and grooms this weekend, and were so blessed to book B & J's big day! Should be wonderful, and it's always a delight to see the joy on a bride's face when she's found just the right spot for her forever day. Outstanding evening of skeet shooting last night with a fearsome foursome, and we didn't do all that badly. Loving it that we're back into the skeets again....always have loved it!

Over the weekend, I read something to the effect of following His direction and then praying for His strength to get it done are the only two things really needed in our faith. I kinda like that, and we love Him! Rock on, y'all, and have a blessed week! (Emmy Lou says 'honk' at y'all too!)

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