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Love this blast from the past at Jamie & Cameron's wedding!

I saw these two on Facebook the other day, just having fun, hanging out and eating great at Waco's Health Camp restaurant. It was such a good reminder that couples who have married their best friends really do enjoy life greatly. We are so thankful to know Jamie and Cameron, and it looks like their even happier today than the day of this photo! Although, they were happy then too...we had an outstanding wedding! All the details that were put into making the decor and special setup just right really paid off, and so many guests had such a great time. Blessings to you, J&C, and many years of wonderful partnering ahead!

Fairly laid-back day at the chapel today, but we're excited about two scheduled wedding couples coming to see our very special venue. It's always fun to meet new lovebirds, and always an honor when they select us for their biggest of days. ....Apparently Dave "The Deer Hunter" will be coming by today to check his "deercams" and provide a little nourishment for the stock. Had a wonderful visit from bride Angie Barber yesterday, and she got to stay and enjoy champagne and visit! She and James are planning to be here for the August 5th fun night to benefit Wags, Hope, and Healing, and that brings our total to something like 33 folks, so we're really looking forward to having a riot of a time and raising some great money for a wonderful charity. Ena will probably make a special, cameo appearance at the event, since Jennifer and the Wags team is how we ended up with her after Hurricane Harvey. Should be a great evening. ..... We've also posted the first notice for the August 12th Feed My Sheep "Dinner in the Country" and silent auction. We're so happy to be able to help with this worthwhile charity and looking forward to that day of meeting new friends as well. Otherwise, just puttering around and waiting for someone to provide Miss Bridget Jones ('77 MGB) a new'll happen for just the right buyer.

Going to prayer. When you practice it a lot, it's like second nature, but when you've gotten out of the habit it can feel strange to re-enter the prayer world more fully. Press on, dear reader, as the comfort, kindness, benefit and love received through prayer and provided to others cannot be measured! We're also excited that one of our wonderful families will be joining us at St. Joseph's in Salado very soon for a 'test drive' of that delightful church. Have a blessed day and don't stress! :)

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