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The mystery of mirrors adds to the mystery of love!

Where have these hallway mirrors been? Where did they come from? So many years and hands have passed between the time they were made and the time of now. We're so grateful for such beauty and grace in our beloved chapel. So many brides and grooms have contributed to the hallway, and so many memories have been made here. Sigh. It's excellent.

Busy day at the chapel! Started off with getting the grounds ready for K&J's wonderful celebration that's just around the corner, and continued on with getting the voting done, getting some groceries, visiting with the tremendous Titia from Mud Pies Pottery (great gifts there, btw!)...Did some general marketing, watched the Dow Jones go down, and even got to enjoy some seasoned gunmen come out and throw some lead downrange. All in all....a tremendous day!

He's in every moment, but we believe, even more present in the moments we share between people. An honest word, an encouraging trust....these are the things that symbolize who we are as His children, with any push! Be there for someone today. The amazing light and power it gives you is awe.some.

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