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Congratulations, Lorie & Keith! Woohoo!

I love the look on Lorie's face in this photo..."look what I won!"... The newest Mrs. Davis is truly blessed and loves her some Keith, so it's all good. What a tremendous wedding...and primarily because it turned out EXACTLY as they had wished! Laid back, elegant and comfortable were their goals, and they got all three. Guests had an excellent time and it was lovely all the way around. We even got to have the ceremony outdoors, despite the strong winds from the North! Wow! The wind even knocked over a bench, but no guests were harmed in the filming of this wedding! Congratulations, Lorie & Keith, and we're already looking forward to seeing you two later this week!

The basic construction of the side steps should be just about finished today, and then we figure out some painting touch-up, railings, and guttering. It's going to be excellent, and really has turned out so very well. Already looking at fountains to put at the main landing of the stairs to add some drama and fun... More setup going on today for K&J's wedding day, which is just a very short way away as well! Overall, a busy and productive week at the chapel as the busy springtime season descends upon us!

He's working for wellness, focus and love. Isn't it wonderful how great it feels to be able to pray for others... It makes all the difference and is such a gift. Pray for someone special today and feel the rush! Blessings on ya!

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