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Just chillin'. That's all.

These bottles of fabulousness are just sitting there, waiting for Shelley and Brad's wonderful reception dinner. The wines (and bourbon!) selected for this special day were carefully chosen, and truly remarkable! We're so thankful they were married here and can't wait to see them again soon! We're also excited to have days where it would be inappropriate to chill wine on the side steps, but winter isn't quite over yet! Speaking of steps, many of you gentle readers already know that the steps shown in this photo are already gone! Progress begins this week on the beautiful terraced stone steps that will adorn this particular portal into the beloved chapel.... stay tuned! Woohooo!

Wonderful things are happening! Not only have Audrey and Darrel selected the Chapel for their biggest of days, but last night, Kerry and Justice have done just the same! Woohoooo! More to be thankful for, and such wonderful starts for such nice people. We truly can't wait. ......Not much else is going on here this week. Linens to be washed, bills to be paid, wine to be consumed, etc. Angie will be here late in the week for her spic 'n span treatment, and otherwise, we're just chillin'. Just like the 'pagne!

He is alive and He is honest. Constantly protecting us from unseen dangers and even some of the messes we seem to get ourselves into! Grab His ear and let him know what you fear! It'll all be better.... Blessings to all for a great week!

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