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A little road trip never hurt anybody....or at least it didn't hurt us!

Not too terribly long ago, November 5th to be exact, we had a great excuse to head into town with Miss Alice Fleetwood and some very fine, favorite folks for some supper. Never mind that Cap looks rather fuzzy here (he probably was!) and that Coop has kind of a terrorist beard effect going on....the ladies in the back trusted us with transport and we didn't disappoint! Such a fun evening after a really fun day at the chapel! Miss Alice is running these days, although she's not been on the road in a little while. Her A/C needs charging again, but somehow, I think we can survive that until at least February? Perhaps she will be the carriage of choice for Christmas Eve this year! Depends on the weather, and we're blessed to go with many possible options.

So looking forward to our next wedding with E&N! Things are shaping up already and it's going to be lovely. The weather is supposed to be excellent, and we're all about a December outdoor ceremony when we can do it. After that, we've got a nice visit planned for just before Christmas, and then the excellent celebrity wedding of S&B right after the holiday. So much to look forward to in such a short time. Before we know it, Christmas will be here, New Year's Eve AND the 3K3M race on January 6th. If you haven't registered for that wonderful event, be sure to check out 3Kings3Miler on Facebook! Should be a rousing good time.

He sees you when you're sleeping, He knows when you're awake. Ok, maybe that does apply to Santa, but more importantly, it applies 24/7/365 to our loving God. Praise Him! Hope all who are reading this small message are experiencing the peace, love and anticipation of this blessed season. No matter how frazzled the Christmas rush might be....stay saved, y'all! :)

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