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Congratulations, Sara and Josh! Woohoo!

What an absolutely wonderful wedding! Love this photo of our two lovebirds at the sweetheart table. Josh has a complete 'organized crime' Vegas look going on here, that I didn't see until this photo! They are both the nicest people, and we truly enjoyed our closeness and time together. Such a great event with amazing Puerto Rican food! Congrats, you two! Many thanks to the incredible team who made this happen on our end. Many, many compliments on the excellent customer service by the guests!

Relatively busy day at the chapel for a monday...My excellent hair stylist will be here to make me beautiful this morning, and we get to have lunch together. After that, I'll start working on layout/decor/plans for Miss Denise's 3rd Annual Tea Party! Can't wait to get creative with vintage linens, bits and flourishes on the tables.

It's so wonderful to be able to pray for others. It reminds us of our own needs and blessings, while truly making a difference in the scheme of things. Blessings to you today for a magical monday!

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