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A nice, pastoral setting for sure!

Took this photo yesterday afternoon after I put the neat wind flowers in the pots so that they could turn well. Not the most organized look right now, but it was a great place to sit and enjoy yesterday's outstanding weather. So hoping next weekend's weather is a carbon copy for M&C's great adventure. Sure loving the fact that things are so green at this time of the year, and cannot remember such green-ness at this time of the year in the past!

Chillin'/laid back day at the chapel today with a change in the menu and happy thoughts. Hopefully, will get a few projects done, but you never know! :) Enjoyed having Prestyn here yesterday for a photoshoot, but she wasn't too thrilled with the whole concept. Hopefully, some of the pictures turned out. ....enjoying coffee this morning and a late start to the day.

He gives us answers, and we just have to be strong enough to follow through with pursuing them. It's not always easy, but the more we practice it, the better we get! Blessings to all for a beautiful Sunday filled with new entries in your own, personal gratitude journal!

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