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Kite Fest Painting by Cindy Cashion!

Well, Cindy won't take complete credit for it, since it's based on an original design by Jordan Overturf....but it's great. Haven't quite gotten it on the wall yet, but so far it's in the 'crazy' hallway on the way to the 'crazy' bathroom! Thanks for your talent and hard work on this event, Cindy, and for always making the events so very special. We're looking forward to working with you to create magic for Laura Snyder's upcoming St. Stephen event wonderful, too!

Had a fun-filled, whirlwind weekend! Was thrilled to rehearse for Chelsea and Thad's big day on Friday night, and loved being included in the rehearsal dinner at Dead Fish Grill. It was lovely. Saturday was the big day and everything was beyond lovely! The bride was beautiful, the friends and families were fun, and the Deep Eddy's cocktails were AH-MAZ-ING. Many thanks to Chelsea and Thad for including us in their biggest of weekends, and making us feel so right at home. .... Yesterday was tactical training day with our usual groom freedom fighters, and I'm proud to say I was only injured once! :) We had a great time, and it was another learning day for awareness and effectiveness! Headed to The Gray's after that for an excellent and relaxing evening meal... We're about to take our walk today, so I know after that, we'll plan to work on Tab & Craig's wedding setup.....we're getting excited for their big day as well!

Letting Him show the path. Saturday night, at the wedding reception for C&T, I received many compliments for my 'officiating' at the wedding. One of the guests very earnestly asked me how I overcome any stage fright about speaking in front of large crowds... Well, since many of you know that my speaking in front of large crowds has been in the X,XXX attendance range, the relatively intimate wedding really wasn't a challenge....BUT the fun part was getting to share with this nice man the fact that EVERY time I'm about to marry a couple, provide their wedding venue, perform for charity.... I ask HIM for guidance, the polishing of my talents, and the success of the presentation....whatever it is. I truly know THAT is where the success is....not in my own abilities alone. It was so fun to be able to share that with this nice guy. Blessings to all for a bang-up day with lots of pleasant surprises and love!

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