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Wedding Homecoming with Amanda & Nathan!

I know, I know.........I'm crazy slow at getting the WHD photos out this year. Something to keep tuning in for, non? Here are our wonderful Amanda and Nathan in a great shot of happiness and light! We were so glad they could make it this year, and hope to see their shining faces much more in the future! I can still taste the yummy food from dinner that night, and we had such a great time. Is it wrong to already looking forward to WHD '18?!?? We are!

Not much going on at the chapel today, but the grass is growing, and preparations are still underway for S&L's great day! The weather is supposed to be magical, so we're psyched! Hoping to get some zinnias planted at the chapel between now and then....we'll see...and also hoping to do a little shopping at McIntire's this afternoon for some plants. James was kind enough to make the fertilization happen for the lantana, crepes and roses on the north side of the downhill slope, so things should look pretty good this season. Birdhouse building went VERY well yesterday, with 5-mini models being completed and they look GREAT! Can't wait to have them out and about for Easter Sunday. We're also gearing up for decor for the April 30 kite fest, so dull and boring is certainly not the vogue @ the chapel!

Trusting in Him is all we need to do. The rest just unfolds. Maybe not as we expect sometimes, but listening, doing and praying....what a great way to spend a significant part of each day! Blessings to you for a WON DER FUL WED NES DAY!

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