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Pink and Green is Fresh 'n Clean!

What could be better for a happy birthday party than some bright colors? The look was actually much more vivid in person that this photo shows, but the freshness of the 'apple green' linens and the pink napkins is fun. Looking forward to a little more of this for Easter and at least some of this for a very special wedding coming up this year!

The boss is off to town, and I'm still bathrobing it. Fortunately, I'll get dressed soon so that Heather and Robert can come by to visit today, and we'll also be getting the chapel all set for the TAMC Opera Fundraiser tomorrow night. Tickets are still available, and we hope to have a full house for these excellent students! Otherwise, just chilling and enjoying the Lent experience!

A prominent theological family posted the concept of "waiting" yesterday, and their thoughts were so true. It's important to remember that not everything that we want is supposed to come 'right now', but in His time. That reminder is so very wonderful, as we let Him take our schedules, activities and direction under His guidance. Blessings to all for an amazing day!

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