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"Um, when you're a Caliber Oak baby, you just live larger, that's all."

Harper's baptism and first birthday extravaganza was absolutely amazing. So much fun was had by all, and she was a complete angel the entire time. Ceremony went off without a hitch, and everyone was enjoying time together and eating amazing food! The Little Golden Book Birdhouses were a total hit, and we've received a 'custom order' from Kelly for a Winnie the Pooh (stock #WTP17) and even found a Pooh book we can get started with next week! Happy birthday, Harper, AND congratulations on a truly meaningful and wonderful baptism day!

Lent has left the gate, y'all. Day #2, and all is wonderful. Slept better, feel better, and already looking forward to our 3 mile walk today. Did realize this morning that I kind of need to get on the stick on cleaning up the chapel for this weekend's TAMC Opera event....but we'll make it work! Can't wait to have the students and guests here, and we're at something in the neighborhood of 40 folks! Woohooo! Otherwise, hoping it gets warm enough today to give Miss Alice Fleetwood a bath... tryin' to keep it real. :)

Sacrifice IS truly good for the soul. It feels good to give up to give back from our perspective. Not only that, giving up stuff for lent that's probably not all that great for you is an improvement as well. Blessings to all on their Lenten journeys!

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