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We are SO EXCITED about our famous 2 couples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it's hit the newsstands and front porches of Central Texas this morning, so I guess it's ok to share it here! Congratulations to our own Amanda and Terrill on making the cover of Tex Appeal magazine! But wait, check inSIDE the publication, and you'll find our wonderful Molly and Matthew as well!! TWO Caliber Oak brides and grooms in one, action-packed, excellent magazine! We are over the moon on this! I'm headed to town in a minute to buy a copy of the Temple Daily Telegram, and we're hoping there's one inside! Many, many thanks to Catherine, who expertly functions as editor of this excellent magazine, and to Julie who worked beautifully with our brides and grooms here at the chapel for the photo shoot. The shot of Mandy and Coop above was actually taken in our barn, and the flag on the wall was hung there about 22 years ago. She's done a great job of photography, and even managed to make Coop look good!! :) Blessings to all for an excellent day, and don't forget to get your very own copy of the LOVE issue of Tex Appeal right away!

Might have a shooting party here today, we'll see. Otherwise, it's a little hot-tub time, tidying up, and prepping for Beth's visit tomorrow. We can't wait to see her and work out all the details of their wedding setup! Lots of yard trimming was done around the chapel yesterday and it looks great! Special dinner tonight, even.... We're blessed.

Being thankful for one minute at a time. That's the deal, really.... Riding along on His railroad, and rolling down the tracks of life. What a fun trip! Blessings to all for a glossy and beautiful day!

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