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MAGIC is coming to the chapel in 2017!

Well, Cinderella may look just a little stressed out here....probably concern over too much glitter on her gown....but our brides never need be stressed! We take care of them from start to finish! Cinder is here to remind us that 2017 has some very special and creative magic in store for brides, grooms and many who visit the chapel this year. A certain creative project is on the drawing boards that we're really looking forward to! Stay tuned as more glitterati-magicalli starts coming together like fireflies on an enchanted evening!

Lots of preparations underway for a large event this weekend, and we're looking forward to a very special couple coming to book their date very soon! Lots of our brides and grooms have selected their wedding items over the last 2 weeks, and it's worked out so beautifully! It's always so fun seeing our couples again and again, and the ultimate reunion is just around the corner! Lots of RSVP's coming in for our annual Wedding Homecoming Dinner, and we're so very excited! Looks like we may even be catering this one our-selves! Kind of excited about that! (don't worry, at least there'll be plenty of adult beverages and Simply Sweet cake to go around!)

The minute it feels as though stress or worry might creep into our thinking, it's just the right time to push the big, red, "He's got this" button! The worry and stress are gone, and He has it all under control! Blessings to you all in the final hours of 2016!

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