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Merry Christmas to all our special brides and grooms!

This is an excellent example of the wonderful couples that are married at our blessed chapel. It's an age-old story....nurse and soldier fall in love....but it's a special story since it happened here! Merry Christmas to Jess & Chris and all our beloved couples who help make our life complete!

Survived Christmas eve, and it was wonderful! We had black-tie champagne and snacks here at the house while Denise, Sarah and I opened gifts. Then Sarah and I headed into town in Miss Alice Fleetwood, and Denise met us at St. Joseph's. An emotional solo from yours truly, and the addition of Sarah's voice made the music very special. Wonderful cocktail hour at Tyler's afterward, and Sarah and I closed the place down, since Denise was off to Christ the King in Belton for another service. Slow moving this morning (needless to say!) but the spagetti squash is already in the oven for today's Christmas dinner. (thanks, Angie & James!)

Nobody knows the future, and that's why it's so very important to enjoy every day! Merry Christmas to all! May this be the best Christmas you have ever had!

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